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What's new at TC Bukovel in the winter season
ROUTES This year we have increased the ski area to 55 km and created more opportunities for recreation and training for beginners. - The system of disembarking passengers from lifts…

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International bus transportation from Ukraine to Germany at affordable prices
Having our own large fleet with technically sound transport allows Benz Express to carry out bus transportation from Ukraine to Germany. Benz Express has been working on the international bus…


Solar Sicily: 5 places that must be visited by a tourist
One of the most mysterious and picturesque islands, located on the tip of the “sock of the Italian boot”, is a favorite vacation spot with local residents and will not…

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Cheap ski resorts in Ukraine
This is a relatively new ski resort, many skiers have already managed to love it, for well-groomed pistes, the availability of new lifts, a convenient location, good infrastructure and sufficient…

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6 reasons to visit Israel

Israel is, first of all, the cradle of the three religions. There are such shrines as the Wailing Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Basilica of the Annunciation and many others. And yet – this is a place of rest, where you can safely spend time on the shores of the Dead Sea, do meditation, undergo a course of massage or spa therapy. But few people know that Israel is not inferior to the UK in terms of the scale and quality of DJ festivals. Therefore, you can easily choose a tour with departure from Kiev to this country.
The largest hippie festival “Zorba” is held in Israel twice a year – in spring and autumn. Founded in 2003, the event lasts five days. According to the organizers of the festival, Zorba is a sensual meeting between spirituality, dance, meditation and music. Continue reading

Tourist Guide: Dominican Republic

In the eastern part of the island of Haiti is a country that can rightly be called a paradise. This is the Dominican Republic, located on the Caribbean coast. Here, tourists are expected to clean endless beaches, rest in the shade of coconut trees and azure water. Atmospheric rest to the sounds of an incendiary meringue is the main reason to buy a tour to the Dominican Republic. Go here for exotic, dancing and pleasure!
On the southeast coast with a length of 30 km are the white beaches of Punta Cana. This place will be to the taste of real adventure lovers, for there remains a corner of untouched nature. Near the wild jungle is located a whole network of luxury hotel complexes that await fans of the Latin American atmosphere. Continue reading

Bali’s best beaches for relaxing

Bali has a reputation as a place where you can truly run away from reality, dream and rest. This magnificent island attracts by its remoteness from megalopolises, clean air and exotic nature.
Here you can find solutions for any budget. The most popular pastime – a beach holiday – does not cost anything. Tourists are fascinated by the waves of the sea breaking on colored sand.
Bali is not only a clean beautiful coast, but also a variety of entertainment, so the tourist will always find something to fall in love with at this resort. Extreme lovers will enjoy snorkeling and diving, adventure lovers will discover the wild unspoiled beaches of Bali, and lazy people will be able to lie under the warm sun of Indonesia. Continue reading

The best entertainment in the UAE

The UAE is the leading destination for Ukrainian tourists. The country surprises millions of travelers. Here is the world’s highest skyscraper, and the largest aquarium, and one of the largest indoor amusement parks. In December 2017, the Emirates opened their borders for Ukrainians, the visa-free regime came into force for this country. And now, when tourists are not paid a visa fee of 80 $ -100 $, the United Arab Emirates has become more accessible and popular. Everyone will find entertainment here. In the article we will understand what to do in the UAE.
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Holidays in Goa: the best hotels

We have not yet seen a person who would not want to go to Goa at least once. You can relax here all year round. Traditionally, the lowest demand tours in Goa are from June to November, when the state rains. But the air temperature throughout the year varies from 23 to 33 degrees, so it’s always warm in Goa!
Inexperienced tourists imagine a holiday at this resort as an unrestrained beach party from dusk to dawn. But this is only one side of the coin (we admit that without parties Goa is not Goa). Here you will also find deserted beaches, where you can spend the whole day in peace and quiet, to practice surfing. Also, Goa is a storehouse of cultural attractions! We strongly recommend that you visit Panaji – the state capital. Here you will see how denominations and nationalities are closely intertwined in India. And it is in Panaji located the best restaurants in all of India. Continue reading

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