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The most dangerous Crimean routes
The most dangerous roads in the Crimea are found on the way from Yalta to Bakhchisarai - an clay skating rink, near Theodosia - tourists, and near Uchan-Su - landslides.…

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How to diversify your vacation?
When planning a vacation, you want to go somewhere, not only to take a break from work, everyday problems, but also to recharge yourself with a maximum of positive emotions…

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How not to be disappointed in the rest: where you should not come twice
Interesting changes have been observed in tourism in recent years. We will not hide the fact that globally the number of tourists visiting different countries is only growing from year…

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Tourist guide: A bright trip to Tunisia

The tourist industry of Tunisia is developing rapidly. Over 150,000 Ukrainians visited this country in 2017. Much is being done to attract tourists from Western Europe and the UK. For example, in 2018, Tunisia plans to receive 70,000 guests from foggy Albion.
Why is Tunisia so attractive in terms of recreation?
There are two decisive factors here: the Mediterranean coast and affordable prices for package tours. Tourist experts say that in 2018 Tunisia will be in great demand among tourists who want to relax on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. First of all, due to low prices in comparison with Spain and Greece. And also thanks to a good hotel base. Continue reading

The best resorts in Bulgaria

For a summer beach holiday Bulgaria is a win-win. It is very popular, so you should think about early booking now. Every year, more than 4.5 million tourists visit this country during the high season. This direction is especially popular among families with small children, because in the resorts of Bulgaria there is a warm sea, a gentle coast, and warm golden sand.
The country is no less in demand among young people who are hungry for rave entertainment, as well as for lovers of excursions and gastronomic tourists. Affectionate climate, rich culture, a wide choice of hotels, delicious food and hospitality of the locals – all this magnetically attracts vacationers. We have collected popular Bulgarian resorts for a dream vacation! Continue reading

7 sights of Turkey, which tourists do not know

Even seasoned travelers do not always know that holidays in Turkey are not only all-inclusive and first-line hotels. In fact, Turkey is full of interesting places. The standard seven nights is not enough even to see the smallest part of the sights. Not to mention those that are not described in the guidebooks. Want to know about what the sights of Turkey do not even know the tourists with experience? Read on.
Uzungol – Little Switzerland in Turkey
Many tourists, thinking of Turkey, represent only its coastal areas. It will be more interesting for them to visit Uzungol, a small village that lies on the shore of the lake of the same name. Continue reading

Favorite Turkey: a short guide to Kemer

Kemer is a Mediterranean resort of Turkey with a favorable climate and warm sea. It has to active recreation: surfing, diving, riding a water scooter, safari, snorkeling … Tourist influx comes in May. The water warms up to + 20 ° C at the beginning of the month, and by the middle is already + 22 ° C … + 23 ° C. The beach period continues inclusively throughout October. Kemer is the choice of youth, families and active tourists.
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Tourist Guide: A quick guide to Albania

Popular hotels in Albania
Bougainville Bay Apartments (Saranda) is located just 100 meters from the sea. A concierge, ironing service and facilities for people with disabilities are available.
2 Kitarrat Hotel Boutique & Spa (Durres) – one of the most popular resort hotels in the country. It is located just two minutes from the beach, the amphitheater and the famous castle of Durres. The hotel has spa and wellness centers, each room is equipped with a work desk, a minibar, air conditioning and a private bathroom.
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Travel on Valentine's Day: the best destinations
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How to travel only with hand luggage?
Tourists who know firsthand what a baggage carousel is and how easy it is to lose luggage on it, try to travel light. And this means that they compactly fold…


The best resorts in Bulgaria
For a summer beach holiday Bulgaria is a win-win. It is very popular, so you should think about early booking now. Every year, more than 4.5 million tourists visit this…


Holidays in Turkey
Tours to Turkey are in demand among Ukrainians, who prefer budget and comfortable rest in the “all inclusive” system. You can buy a favorable ticket on the website aggregator.…