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7 romantic places to stay in Spain
Are you dreaming of a romantic weekend for two? Why not opt ​​for Spain? This country is famous not only for the warm climate, ideal for sea holidays, but also…

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Camping equipment: the right choice - a guarantee of perfect rest
Reliable and high-quality tourist equipment is necessary for all who prefer luxury resorts to long hikes or short trips with family and friends for a couple of days on nature…

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9 amazing resorts on the shores of the South China Sea
Chinese resorts - a new must-see among tourists. For Ukrainian travelers, this direction became even more interesting after, in December 2017, UIA began to carry out charter flights to Fr.…

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9 amazing resorts on the shores of the South China Sea

Chinese resorts – a new must-see among tourists. For Ukrainian travelers, this direction became even more interesting after, in December 2017, UIA began to carry out charter flights to Fr. Hainan. And in the summer of 2018, tourists will enjoy direct flights between Kiev and the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.
Do you know what other tourist places the South China Sea is famous for? China, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines can boast of such resorts where you will be accepted as a movie star or at least a major official! And we will help you figure out exactly where the sun shines the brightest of all!
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How not to be disappointed in the rest: where you should not come twice

Interesting changes have been observed in tourism in recent years. We will not hide the fact that globally the number of tourists visiting different countries is only growing from year to year. As a result, many popular tourist places in the past year became so “popular” that the queues to the museums broke all records. It is not surprising that these same cities become tiresome for tourists, and for locals practically unbearable.
What do responsible tourists around the world do? Looking for new interesting directions. Plan your vacation in advance and choose new routes. What can advise experienced Ukrainian tourists? Do not dwell on the world-famous must-see directions, if you have already seen them. And choose a good time to visit this or that place. And, of course, read the article to the end! Continue reading

Travel on Valentine’s Day: the best destinations

Not far off on February 14, and it’s time to think out a festive program. What could be more romantic than a trip together in a beautiful place? If you are together recently, after such a journey, your feelings will become stronger. And for couples with experience this is a great opportunity to add to the relationship of bright colors. A tour on Valentine’s Day will bring a sense of celebration and leave many pleasant memories together. Hurry up to plan a dream trip to the most romantic places in the world!
Give the journey to your soulmate!
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Top 5 hotels in Thailand for an unforgettable holiday!

Holidays in Thailand is rapidly gaining popularity among Ukrainians – this country knows how to surprise and bewitch. Here you want to come back and discover new fabulous corners. And the tourists who come here for the first time are most concerned about one issue – the choice of the hotel. After all, I want to find a place where you can relax with comfort, and enjoy the pleasures of wildlife. Today we are talking about hotels in Thailand, which were honored with the most enthusiastic reviews of our tourists.
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Tourist Directory: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Tanzania does not occupy a leading position among the tourist destinations, but its popularity is growing inexorably. This amazing country attracts tourists with exotic nature, an abundance of parks and a rich underwater world. People come here not only for a serene beach holiday, but also for an exciting safari. The locals are friendly and hospitable, and the climate is mild.
Such an exotic Zanzibar
This resort of Tanzania all year round welcomes visitors with warm summer weather. The best period for rest is the time from October to March, when the average daily air temperature is + 28 ° С … + 31 ° С. The end of spring, summer and the beginning of autumn are considered here as the “cold” season, but even then the daytime temperature rarely drops below + 25 ° С. Continue reading

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Where does the journey begin
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